This is your business’ chance to get in front of thousands of potential customers! Your company name and item will be in the living rooms of WNIN viewers – viewers that are loyal to businesses that support their local PBS station.

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As a nonprofit, WNIN relies on the public’s generosity for support. To help raise funds, we are seeking items and services from businesses auction off during the Spring Auction.

If you choose to donate an item to the auction, you will receive –

  • Exposure to over 800,000 households
  • Access to a captive audience
  • Increased household name recognition, and
  • Alignment with a reputable organization

To learn more about the specific advertising benefits download this brochure.

The viewers are watching and they will support your business because you support what they support –WNIN!

Thank you for your consideration and hope you will explore this special opportunity partner with a household name – WNIN